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Customer Rides

Customer's Rides

What Our Customers Say:

“Awesome quality and attention to detail. Able to accommodate large pieces! Do recommend!”
-Bruno Felicia, Linden, NJ

“My boyfriend and I live in Illinois and when we sent my wheel bolts out to Tom, they were going to be re-powdercoated after our local shop did a terrible job of not prepping the parts and globing on the powder which eventually began to chip. I am a very detail-oriented person to begin with and am very meticulous about the parts that go on my car. When I contacted Tom about the job, he made sure to listen to the negative experience I had dealt with in the past, explained to me the process that he takes part in at his shop, reassured me that he wouldn’t let the bolts leave his sight until they were evenly coated and perfected, and truly made sure he understood what I wanted done before moving on. When I decided to ship nearly 200 bolts out to NJ, I felt that I had found the right guy to do the job. When I received my parts back, each bolt was individually wrapped as to not be damaged in the shipping process. Upon unwrapping, I found that Tom really had done a wonderful job as promised. Through the car scene, we have gotten to know one another throughout the past year and I can honestly say that there aren’t many people as hard-working and straight-forward out there as Tom. If you are looking for a guy that can not only do unique work that caters to any taste but also creates a flawless final product, Espo is your guy.”

-Megan Sparks, Chicago,IL

I brought Tom pretty beat up wheels and asked him to refinish them to the best of his ability. When I got the wheels back, I was astonished, they looked like they just came out of the factory. The craftsmanship was simply beautiful. He turned them into the wheels of my dreams.

-Stas Yachnik , Brooklyn, NY

“I brought a set of wheels to Tom to have powder coated. They were cheap wheels but Tom took the time to work on them and give them the attention that they needed. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the work that he did. I would recommend him to anyone for any job!”

-Leah DeYoung, Jefferson, New Jersey

“Tom had powder coated a set of Brembo caliper for me. Very happy with the way they turned out!!! They look brand new and even a year and half later it looked like they were just done. Only guy id take anything to get powder coated. Turn around time was awesome too!”

 -Paul Florio, Bayside, NY