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Espos is the premier shop for industrial powder coating equipment such as powder guns, powders, ovens, etc. Contact us now to talk about your powder coating equipment needs.
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Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Coating Equipment Sales

Espos is proud to offer powder coating equipment to the individual powder coating service in the Tri-State or Greater New York City area. From blast rooms and multi-stage part washers, to small utilities like spray wands and powder coating guns, Espos has all of the equipment needed to produce the highest quality finishes in your very own shop big or small.  We offer an array of different equipment and materials to provide an end-to-end solution that fit your needs and budget. Call Espo’s today for information on how you can equip your powder coating operation with the best in industry powder coating equipment at the best value.

Air Compressors

A proper compressor setup is important not only to a flawless finish, but also to the strength of your powder coating. Espo’s is a top supplier for  compressors specifically for use in powder coating solutions ranging from the small to industrial sized.

 Sand Blasters

A sand blaster is essential to prepping your material for a long lasting quality finish. We highly recommend a quality sand blasting setup to ensure your powder coating projects maintain their finish over time.

Powder Coating Ovens

Ovens are used to cure your powder into a durable finish. There are three different kinds of ovens for many different kinds of projects. Ovens range from infrared to gas and even electric.  Powder coating ovens range in size from smaller, for small pieves and home powder coating, to large industrial sized ovens used to powder coat storefront signs, industrial metals, automotive parts etc.


Choice of powder coating gun or applicator can be the difference between an uneven and clumsy application or a smooth, durable finish. Espo’s has a variety of powder coating guns to suit your needs.


Powder Coating Booths

Cleanliness and contaminant free environments are critical to ensuring your powder coating turns out untainted and flawless. A proper powder coating booth will provide you with the contaminant free environment to apply your powder.


Contact us today to discuss the ideal powder coating setup to supplement or start your powder coating business.