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Media Blasting

What is media blasting?

Media blasting most commonly referred to as “Sand Blasting” is a fast and economical approach for removing paint and rust. Layers of paint that would take days or weeks to manually remove simply vaporize at the end of our blasting gun. Media blasting is a quick and efficient way to prepare metal surfaces for powder coating or polishing.

How does Sand Blasting Work?

Blasting uses a large volume of compressed air to pressurize the media in a hopper and then pushes it through the gun’s nozzle onto the part’s surface to remove paint and expose a bare metal surface.

What are the costs of sand blasting?

Cost is determined by the amount of time spent blasting. Give us a call to discuss your specific project and we’ll be sure to give you the most competitive pricing in town.

How long does sand blasting usually take?

Small items like brackets and suspension components can be blasted within a day or two, while larger items can take longer to complete. Give us a call to discuss your deadline requirements.

What exactly is the “sand” in sand blasting?

We understand the importance of using the correct blasting media. We are constantly evaluating the best abrasive techniques to allow for the safest and most efficient blasting. Our garnet media is safe on everything from steel to aluminum and will never jeopardize the structural integrity of the part. Correct pressure, distance, angle, gun motion and operator experience are ever important factors in providing the correct consistency of your finish.