Espo's Powder Coating – Staten Island, NY | Wheel & Tire Services
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Wheel & Tire Services

Wheel Repair

Here at Espo’s Powder coating, wheel repair is of utmost importance. We pride ourselves on our craft of providing jaw dropping style and finish through either powder coating or wheel polishing, but if you find your car, truck or SUV’s wheels bent, cracked or pitted, we can restore your wheels’ perfect rotation and finish.  Our state of the art hydraulic wheel straightening machine can straighten any wheel from 14”-30”. We also offer in house TIG welding for any cracked wheels.


 Tire Service

All tires are serviced using our brand new Hunter Road Force balancer and  Auto34 tire changer. All tires are mounted and inflated to factory specifications to ensure safe operation of any car, truck, or SUV. No wheel is too big or too small.

Wheel/Tire Service